Apply for IHSS Sponsorship of a Conference

Guidelines for application for IHSS sponsorship of scientific meetings

The IHSS sponsors meetings devoted to all aspects of NOM research and, in particular, humic substances research.

• Workshops lasting one or more days that focus on a specific aspect of NOM research.
• Conferences of broad impact which bring together scientists from different disciplines.
Sessions of large conferences that are devoted to NOM are included. In this case IHSS will pay travel expenses for invited speakers but IHSS members must be involved in the scientific organization of the program.
• Schools directed towards graduate students who are currently involved in research. Schools should include a clear training element related to the study of NOM.

The following rules apply to meetings sponsored by IHSS.

Applications should contain:
• A short paragraph describing the main objectives of the meeting;
• Definitive program;
• Full list of all invited speakers/teachers;
• A budget showing, when applicable, the breakdown of estimated costs, as well as the details of the requested expenses that IHSS is being asked to pay.
• The name, address, e-mail and telephone/fax numbers of the organizers plus the address of the meeting place.
The above documentation should be incorporated into one .rtf or .doc file (4 Mb max). Applications should be submitted by email to the President of IHSS who is responsible for circulating the application(s) for decision to the Board and relaying the information on awards to the IHSS Treasurer.

The IHSS Board will consider proposals for all types of meetings on topics related to NOM research. Proposals will be assessed on their scientific quality and relevance to the scope of the Society. The involvement of young scientists is strongly encouraged. In the case of large conferences the IHSS may sponsor the organization of specific sessions on humic substances research or related issues.

IHSS funding may be used to partially fund a meeting or pay for invited speakers. Scientific meetings sponsored by IHSS are expected to be non-profit. Honoraria for speakers will not be paid by IHSS and the organizers and speakers at IHSS sponsored meetings will not be remunerated.
Local administrative costs (where applicable) should not exceed 10% of the total meeting budget. Such costs include administrative and technical assistance, printing, photocopying, telephone, fax, email etc.
In the case of schools, IHSS funding can be used to cover part of the travel and accommodation costs of teachers and students or to lower the school fee.
Organizers of IHSS sponsored meetings are encouraged to apply for additional funding, e.g. from national research organizations, universities, private companies etc. It is the responsibility of the Chair or organizer of the activity and his/her institution to ensure that sponsors comply with IHSS policies and for providing the necessary written agreements and documentation.
Changes to the proposed program are not normally allowed and any request for changes must be approved by the IHSS Board.
The amount of funding awarded for a meeting will be decided by the IHSS Board based on the proposed scientific program and budget.

To heighten awareness of IHSS support of an event, the organizers should clearly identify the meeting as an IHSS funded or co-funded activity, e.g. in announcements, program abstracts, etc.
The IHSS secretary will send a package to the organizer including IHSS documentation to be distributed to participants. Links to the IHSS website and the IHSS logo will be made available to organizers.

1. Organizers are asked to submit the applications to the IHSS President by e-mail.
2. The IHSS will inform applicants of the outcome of the evaluation procedure within three months.
3. If the application is successful the organizer will receive instructions on how to complete the acceptance form with details of addresses of organizers and to whom funding should be sent, plus details on reporting procedures.
Upon the receipt of the acceptance form the IHSS will make an advance payment up to 2 months before the meeting, if requested.

Once the acceptance is received, if requested, prepayment will be sent as a $US check from IHSS. Final payment will also be made with $US check.

A financial report should be submitted after the meeting. It is sufficient to fill in the IHSS final payment form and forward a copy signed by the local organizer to the IHSS (original bills are not normally required).

A short report about the meeting must be sent to the IHSS secretary with in a month of the end of the meeting.