Apply to Host an IHSS Conference

Call for application to host future IHSS meetings

IHSS Board invites all scientists interested in hosting one of the future IHSS meetings to apply accordingly to the below outlined guidelines.
Any group of scientists working in a humic substances research is welcome to apply. Organizers are encouraged to contact and cooperate with their IHSS Chapter. Support by local IHSS Chapter is appreciated very much, however it is not a requisite condition. Application to host the IHSS meeting should be sent (preferably by e-mail) at least 3 years before the date of the meeting to IHSS President and IHSS Secretary, and should include the following information:

1. Organizing committee:
A. The main organizer (name and full contact information);
B. Organizing committee (names and affiliations);
C. An experience of the organizer in organization of scientific meetings (if any).

2. Place and date of the IHSS meeting to be organized:
A. Proposed time of the meeting (IHSS meetings are held each even year).
B. Location of the meeting (country and the city or resort);
C. Information on conference venue (conference room capacity, equipment, etc);
D. Information on space for posters, and poster boards;
E. Information on additional small rooms available (2 rooms for 10 – 15 persons each);
F. Lodging (number and prices of hotels, from low to high);
G. Information on international flight connections (connections to main European airports, etc);
H. Touristic attractions nearby (if any).

3. Conference fee and what is foreseen to be included in (get together, lunches, coffee, banquet, excursion, field trip, any other social activity) – level of conference fee should be kept as low as possible, to attract more people, and especially students.

4. Sponsors foreseen.

5. Draft scientific topics (detailed program should be presented at precedent IHSS meeting).

6. Scientific committee (complete list should be presented at preceeding IHSS meeting).

The final decision will be made by the IHSS Board two years before the event. Usually this takes place at preceeding IHSS meeting, where potential organizers present their bid and discuss all details with the Board.