Humic Substances in the Environment: Atlanta, GA, U.S.A.

International Humic Substances Society
Conference on Humic Substances in the Environment
New Challenges and Approaches

August 27 – September 1, 1995
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A.

Convened under the auspices of the International Humic Substances Society

Technical Program


T. L. Brown and J. A. RiceDesorption mass spectrometry techniques for the characterization of fulvic acid
Y. P. Chin
A new paradigm for the size of humic materials: the molecular weight of purified humic substances and unfractionated aquatic
organic matter
S. E. Cabaniss
Infrared and model compound studies of the acidity
of humic substances
M. I. Tejedor-Tejedor and  M. A.  Anderson
Evaluation of ATR-FTIR spectroscopy as an analytical
tool in environmental systems
P. A. Maurice

Application of atomic force microscopy to studies of
organic and microbial interactions at the mineral-water interface
J. I. Drever and L. L. Stillings
The role of organic acids in mineral weathering
A. J. Perrotta and F. S. Williams
Role of organic matter in the Bayer process
P. C. Singer and G. W. Harrington
Characterization of natural organic material and its
impact on removal by coagulation
G. Amy
Oxidative transformations and reactivity of natural
organic matter in water treatment

 P. G. Tratnyek
Photosensitization by natural organic matter: its role
in the transformation of environmental contaminants
B.Voelker-Bartschat and B. Sulzberger
The role of humic substances in iron photo-redox cycling
W. L. Miller
Photochemical transformation of organic matter in natural
L. Tranvik
Microbial availability of dissolved organic matter in
lake water: the importance of photochemical and other physicochemical
J. M. Duxbury
Controls on decomposition of humic substances in soils
D. J. Repeta
Microbial degradation of carbohydrates in marine sediments
and sea water
W. G.  Sunda
Interactions between humic substances and metals: relevance
to microorganisms
J. S. Meyer, R. MacRae, D. Smith, H.Bergman
Effects of dissolved organic carbon on bioavailability
of copper to fish
R. L. Chaney
Factors influencing bioavailability of soil metals to
C. Monger
Carbon in desert soils: its nature and isotopic significance
G. D. McDonald and C.Sagan
Organic macromolecules in extraterrestrial environments
E. M. Thurman and M.L. Pomes
Transport and origin of dissolved organic matter in
shallow ground water: from herbicides to humic substances
D. M. McKnight
Aquatic fulvic acids in antarctic and alpine lakes:
extremes in organic sources and climate
R. Benner
Sources, composition, and reactivity of dissolved organic
matter in the ocean