HiT-2021 Conference

Dear Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to join the Sixth International Conference of the CIS IHSS Chapter entitled “Humic Substances and Eco-Adaptive Technologies” (HIT – 2021). HIT-2021 will be held on September 25-29, 2021 in the sailing club “Vodnik” (Dolgoprudny, Moscow region, Russia) in hybrid format: face-to-face and online participation.

The goal of the conference is to demonstrate the leading role of humic substances in adaptation of the global ecosystem to climate change and in the processes of carbon sequestration. This will advocate the key role of humic substances in developing eco-adaptive technologies that rely on nature’s mastery and mechanisms used for reclamation and restoration disturbed ecosystems.

The satellite event of the conference will be the Third Exhibition of Humic Products and Technologies. We invite dearly the business representatives to take part in it.

The major topics of the conference are below:

  1. Humic substances as a class of chemical compounds, molecular composition, analysis, problems of standardization
  2. Humic substances and anthropogenic pollution, role in polluted ecosystems, application in environmental technologies
  3. Humic substances as biologically active agents: mechanisms of action and application in biomedical technologies
  4. Humic substances as a climate change marker, carbon sequestration, application in decarbonization technologies

 Abstract submission deadline: 25 August 2021

 Details on the official website http://www.humus.ru/hit-2021

 Look forward to see you in Moscow – face-to-face or online!


Irina Perminova

The Chair of the Organizing Committee of the HIT-2021