Election 2024 for Vice-President and Board Member

Newly elected Officers assume their duties on the first day of the International Meeting following their election. The Ballot consists of links to biographies and statements by the candidates as well as checkboxes and write-in textboxes at the bottom of the ballot for you to record your vote. An email notice with a receipt containing a confirmation number will be sent to your email address of record. You will need this number in any communication with the IHSS Election Chair about your vote.

DEADLINE FOR VOTING: The deadline is March 25th, 2024, at 23:59, EDT (GMT -4).

Candidates for Vice-President / President Elect, 2024-2026

After completion of two years of service the Vice-President will continue as President for two years. After that, the President shall continue to serve on the Board for two additional years as Past President.

Fernando Rosario-Ortiz

Heike Knicker
, Spain

Candidates for Secretary, 2024-2028

Marios Drosos
, Italy

Marta Fuentes
, Spain

Candidates for Board Member, 2024-2028

Claudio Zaccone, Italy

Mónica P. Antilen Lizana, Chile


To vote, check the appropriate boxes. You may vote for no more than ONE (1) candidate for Vice-President, ONE (1) candidate for Secretary, and ONE (1) candidate for Board Member. To vote for an individual not listed on the ballot, type his or her full name on the appropriate line and check the corresponding box. The names of all write-in candidates who do not win office will be passed on to the nominating committee. Ballots must reach the IHSS offices no later than March 25, 2024 to be counted.

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